Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Good old Hayfield.

Probably my favourite branch line, inspired by an article in Model Railway Constructor in 1978 - Signalling for the Modeller - Hayfield.

A very sad closure that lasted right up until 1970, it carried an hourly passenger service to Piccadilly throughout the day and right up until 2300 - better than a lot of places these days!  Nevertheless, the LMR still managed to close it.

Proper signalling remained until the end, two boxes, Hayfield Station and the very diminutive New Mills Tunnel End - just lovely (unless you had a 12 hour day shift in there I should imagine!)

Just to complete the picture, I stumbled upon this lovely little film on Tubeyou earlier this week - after watching this I've just got  to get my N gauge DMU earning a living....